About Fonts by Leah

Fonts by Leah was founded by me (Leah) while stuck at home during lockdown of Spring 2020. Teaching art virtually to 5-10 year olds was tough to say the least, and I was determined to bring some creative outlet back in my personal life during those tough months. What started as a shop for custom hand lettered signs and chalkboard painting projects for hire, has grown into putting my own personal designs and illustrations on products from tees to sweatshirts to tote bags, and more! I began at my dining room table with my iPad and an iron, and now operate out of a space I've fully converted into an art studio with actual equipment.

A little fun fact - the concentration for my art major in college was printmaking! I never would’ve imagined that I’d be able to have an actual design space and heat press in my own home - solely based on the fact that it took an entire (unaffordable) professional art studio to make that happen in my college days. Now I operate off of my computer and a few pieces of small equipment. Things have seriously evolved over the last decade and I’m having a blast exploring printmaking again, and a much more technical approach to designing, after all this time.

As a teacher, I encourage my students to embrace their identities, so my pieces are created to encourage you to do the same through life's different moments. Reminding you of your own purpose. I want you to find pieces that reflect your joy and honor your journey.

All apparel is high quality and illustrated/designed and individually printed by me. My additional accessory products are each created with special care and attention. No mass producing here - I am truly a one woman shop.

I absolutely love what I do (both in the classroom and here) and look forward to being part of your journey. May every Fonts by Leah piece you wear remind you of what matters most to you!

xoxo Leah